Our Story

Jean “Kickie” Johnson (Lead vocals and background) was born in the city of Tacoma, Washington, but developed her voice in Detroit, Michigan,  where she began to understand her passion and style of song. She hopes to wow listeners with her different sweet vocal style, range and versatility with Rock, R&B, Jazz, Contemporary, and Funk.
Dallas Hudgines (Drummer/ Vocals and Co-Founder) is a native Clevelander who has played with many great artists. His finesse and impeccable timing will keep you wanting to hear more. Dallas' expertise is studio production and songwriting.
Dwayne “Tiny” Jones (Bassist/Vocals and Co-Founder) His background of funk and gospel brings a special blend to the band. His strength lies in his Christian belief and faith. His specialty is studio work and production.
Woody “Wood” Garrett (Keyboardist) lends his talents by providing beautiful pad layouts, versatility and knowledge of music. You will enjoy his stage presence and be amazed by his mix of Funk and Contemporary styles.
Cliff “Black” Jones (Lead vocals and background) hails from the city of Cleveland. His smooth transition and wide range of vocals are extraordinary and he is masterful at crooning for all occasions.
Rob Cunningham (Guitar) is one of the most sought after guitarists in the city. Also from Cleveland, he has performed with Levert, Chante Moore, Johnny Gill and a host of other professionals.
‘The Benjaminz’ have been ‘blazing the stage’ together in Cleveland, other cities and states for the past ten years. Their mission and passion is to stimulate listeners, bring back memories and create new ones while getting you on the dance floor. We love our fans and we look forward to more years music and magic.

For booking information, contact Jean Johnson at 216-548-0640